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We will provide valuable and pragmatic advice on how to improve your business in the long term. Our results are driven by both scientific and pragmatic approach, plus tailoring the concepts to the specific characteristics of your business. With our extensive expertise and background, we will analyse your company and will propose customised options for its further development. We do not provide universal solutions but suggest particular directions for improvement. You may trust us for professional attitude and consultancy.


Our training programmes assist your professional career development. We provide the theoretical background and focus on its practical application, using various real-life cases from the business. How will the concepts be applied to your business? Our training is specifically prepared to address your own needs. We transform the most suitable ideas into a fully operational business model. Here the science serves the practice.


Customers or competitors research, feasibility study, marketing audit, or local market understanding are only a few of the research studies we conduct for our clients. The collected data is analysed with respective quantitative and/or qualitative methods. All findings, analyses, and recommendations are provided in a customised report, structured according to your needs.


We are dedicated to the idea of connecting theory and practice, especially in hospitality, tour operations, and marketing activities. Therefore, our books place the theoretical framework but emphasise on its practical application. There are many case studies and real-life examples from the business, so our books enhance both academic contributions and industrial applications.

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